Exchange vows at golden hour, with a sweeping cascade of mountains behind you! We’ve already made the dream a reality for some special brides, coming from points in TX, OK, AR and LA to celebrate big day at one of our two “hidden gems” in Broken Bow.

Restoration Point will accommodate up to 50 attendees. Perched high on the top of one of the highest bluffs around, this property offers long range sunset views from its large 2-level rear terrace. Brides of Restoration Point never cease to amaze us with the creative ways they envision to use the space, setting up their ceremonies differently and in their own unique ways! 

The Sky Deck will accommodate up to 30 attendees. It’s located just down the hill from Restoration Point and shares some of the same long range sunset views, but the key feature here is the elevated steel platform that extends from the porch, out off the mountain side and puts you right above the treetops–a vantage point you just can’t get anywhere else. 

Regardless of which one of these properties you choose, you’re sure to have epic photo opportunities, and make unforgettable memories during one of the most special days of your life.


From shooting the bride getting ready inside, to capturing all the memories outside, photogs love the colors, textures and backdrops they find at our properties…and their work speaks for itself.


Restoration Point features a bridal suite, complete with dress hook, full length mirror, wingback chair and lots of other features the bride will love when it’s time to get ready for her big day.


Our kitchens, dining areas and outdoor grilling areas offer ample space to cater and stage all of the extras for your wedding. Serve your guests a meal, or set up a nice snack bar for your occasion!

A Dream Come True

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Restoration Point- Overview Map 

Here are a few helpful labels over an aerial of Restoration Point.

We knew our “Wedding Nook” would be the obvious place to stage a ceremony, but brides have utilized the entire space in different ways to plan their dream weddings. But as you can see, you’ll have plenty to work with!

The Sky Deck – Overview Map

Here are some of the features you’ll find at The Sky deck! Obviously the walk out platform will be an optimal place to stage your ceremony, but how else can you evnision to use the space? Hopefully these labels will help get your imagination spinning!



Check In: 4:00 pm  

Early check in: You must call to request early check in before noon on the day of your arrival. If possible, we will try to accommodate you. However, if guests check out the same day as your arrival, we may not be able to grant your request. Call 817-729-0811 to put in your request. 

Note: Early check-ins are less likely during peak season! 

Check Out: 11:00 am

Late Check Out: You must call to request a late check out before noon on the day PRIOR TO YOUR DEPARTURE! If possible, we will try to accommodate you. However, if guests check in the same day as your departure, we may not be able to grant your request. Call 817-729-0811 to put in your request. 

Note: Late check outs are less likely during peak season! 

NOTE: If you remain in the cabin past the posted check out time without prior approval, a minimum late fee of $50 per hour will be charged to your reservation.


  • You must be 25 to reserve cabins through Restoration Point Properties. 
  • All attending guests must be 21 unless accompanied by parent or guardian (per guest). *Exception: Newlyweds* 


  • Reservations are guaranteed ONLY with a valid credit card. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover accepted. The name on the card must match the name on the reservation. Transactions must be approved through our connected Stripe account only.
  • Payment may also be made via Venmo upon request.
  • All Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Deposits are 20% of the reservation total. 
  • Final billing for reservations will be due 30 days prior to arrival, and your credit card will be charged the remaining balance on the reservation. For bookings within 30 days of the arrival date, the total amount will be billed and processed immediately upon booking the reservation. 


You can get a 100% refund on your reservation if you cancel before 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival date. Cancellations within 30 days incur the loss of the deposit. 

Cancellations within 10 days of the booking are non-refundable. 


  • Rates are for up to the maximum occupancy. Exceeding occupancy by 4 guests allowed for Additional $25/guest/night regardless of age.
  • Overcrowding is not allowed. Exceeding maximum occupancy is overcrowding and results in a $100/night charge.
  • 3 night minimum reservation required. 4 nights for THANKSGIVING and 4TH OF JULY.


  • Pets are NOT ALLOWED. Sneaking pets into the cabin will automatically result in a $250 minimum charge applied to your reservation. 


  • NO HOUSE PARTIES are allowed. All guests must be registered and not exceed posted occupancy requirements.
  • Absolutely NO SMOKING inside. This includes vaping and marijuana. Failure to comply will be a $100 per day charge for your entire reservation. No exceptions.
  • NO tents, NO RVs and NO ATV riding around the cabin or cabin area.
  • DO NOT cut down or damage ANY tree regardless of size. Minimum $500 fee for tree damage.
  • Fireworks are not allowed ANY TIME! If you are caught using fireworks around your cabin, you will be asked to vacate the premises with NO REFUND issued.
  • Quiet hours are from 10pm – 6am. If you are reported or caught not observing our quiet hours, security will be contacted, and you could be asked to leave the property. 
  • Please do NOT play loud music. Woodland Bluffs is a quiet neighborhood and guests pay extra money to stay in the cabins here. Please be respectful and maintain the peaceful, quiet setting for the benefit of guests around you.
  • Cabin rules will be placed in each cabin. Failure to comply may result in additional fees or eviction without refund.
  • Please keep the cabin clean and neat. Your cabin rate includes a basic cleaning fee. Additional cleaning fees between $50-$200 may be added in addition to your cleaning fees for leaving the cabin excessively dirty or obviously ignoring the list of check out requests posted in each cabin. Daily cleaning service is not provided. Upon departure, all dirty dishes should be put in the dishwasher and dishwasher turned on before leaving the cabin. Refrigerator is to be emptied of all food, and the trash should be tied up and taken to outside containers. All dirty towels should be left in the laundry room. Please start a load of towels prior to your departure as well. (For cabins with two washing machines, please start two loads if you have that many dirty towels.) Please don’t feel obligated to strip the linens from the beds. However, we ask that you please leave any used beds unmade. Failure to comply with the cleaning rules WILL result in an additional cleaning fee between $50-$200 being charged to your credit card (or the actual cost of cleaning if the cleaning crew has to stay even longer to clean up after you)!
  • Vomit clean up is $150. No exception! 
  • Cigarette butt clean up outdoors will incur a minimum charge of $25.
  • Water balloon debris clean up will incur a minimum charge of $50.
  • Lost items left behind in cabins (if found) will be held for 30 days. If it is not claimed by that point, it will be discarded. Items found can be shipped back for a $25 fee combined with the cost of the actual shipping. Restoration Point Properties is NOT RESPONSIBLE for items left behind at the cabin. It may take 30 days to return items left during your stay.
  • There is a fee of $100 for tampering with the electronics, ie: television, receivers, etc. equipment in the cabins. Please do not unhook or disconnect the equipment for video games or for any other reason. The cleaning crew will check the TV’s, sound bars, surround sound, etc., to ensure they are in working order. Fines will be strictly enforced to cover the cost of correcting any tampering of equipment. Don’t remove the HDMI cable from the cabin.
  • Your cabin is inspected prior to your arrival to ensure that all equipment and appliances are in good working order. In the event of a mechanical failure, we will make every effort to have all reported malfunctions corrected as promptly as possible. Restoration Point Properties will not be obligated to give replacements or refunds in the event of failure or absence of any item, or for any public utility including internet.
  • Power outages may occur, and Restoration Point Properties can not be held liable or be obligated to issue refunds for time affected during your stay due to these conditions.
  • Wi-Fi is provided at all of our cabins at no additional charge. No refund shall be given for outages, content, lack of content, speed, access problems, lack of knowledge of use, or personal preferences regarding services. The WI-FI login is clearly posted in the welcome guide, as well as in your welcome email. We can NOT come to the property to help guests access the internet, or use any of the electronics. 

Wedding & Special Events

  • Weddings & Special Events must have permission prior to booking. If you are interested in hosting a wedding or special event at one of the properties, please call 817-729-0811.
  • Absolutely NO LARGE WEDDINGS (over 40 attendees) will be permitted at any of our properties.
  • We may charge additional fees and require proof of Special Event Insurance upon booking.
  • Unauthorized events may face extra charges and/or nonrefundable eviction.


  • Restoration Point Properties provides an initial starter supply of paper towels, toilet paper, laundry pods, dishwasher detergent and/or pods, dish soap, salt & pepper, and a starter supply for making s’mores. Sometimes Keurig K Cups will be left behind by previous guests, so we elect to leave them for future guests, but do not expect that there will be a large amount of coffee supplied.

CANCELLATION POLICY regarding Sickness or Inclement Weather:

We will not guarantee ANY refunds due to sickness or inclement weather.

Special requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

  • Inclement weather DOES NOT constitute a valid cancellation.


Your Damage Waiver includes release of liability for up to $1000 for accidental damages. Irresponsible or negligent behavior are not considered accident damages.

Guests are liable for damages caused by intentional and negligent behavior.

Guests are liable for any damages in excess of $1000.


Our properties are located in the great outdoors in beautiful surroundings and on mountain tops! However, with beauty, danger is never too far behind. Please observe caution always when venturing outside our cabins.

All outdoor activities involve certain inherent risk of injury or even death. 

Please watch out for loose rocks and terrain underfoot. Wet rocks and leaves are especially slick. Also use caution in the woods, and keep an eye out for venomous snakes and other dangerous wildlife. Additionally, be watchful for thorns, burs, and poison ivy! It’s advised to use bug spray in the event that you venture into the wooded areas anywhere around our cabins or the greater Broken Bow area.  

It is expressly understood and agreed that Restoration Point Properties shall NOT be liable for any damages or injury to guest, guest’s guests, or their family/ies or to any of their property from whatever cause arising from the occupancy or use of the premises by guest and his/her family and guests. It is further understood and agreed that Restoration Point Properties shall not be responsible for any personal property left by guests in the premises. In the event property of a guest is left on premises, guest may request owner or owner’s agent to mail or ship property back to guest at guest’s sole expense plus additional administrative fees of $25 per occurrence.


Restoration Point Properties uses information we collect for the sole purpose of completing and servicing your reservation. We will never sell your information to third parties and we take precautions to ensure your information is protected and secure.

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